Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The pressure's on!

When I started climbing, I quickly got used to North-East winters. It started raining at the end of October and it didn't stop until sometime in March. This might sound bad, but it forced us all indoors and we got strong. Happily, it also meant lots of climbing trips abroad.
Things got steadily better over the years, culminating in the last couple of winters which were perfect for climbing. Yeah, there was a bit of snow, but essentially it was dry and cold for months. Perfect bouldering weather.

Things have changed...

It hasn't been dry in Northumberland for about ten weeks, if not longer. It's doing my head in!
There's so much to do on the book and I'm feeling the pressure, even though it's self inflicted. I've got my wish list of photos sorted out so it's time to start getting some writing and interviews done. There are a few sessions lined up for the very near future (weather permitting), so I have my fingers crossed.

I've been skiing in Poland and had a trip to hospital due to flipping upside down and landing on my shoulder. Agony, but it's not broken.

My insides!
The doctor got me some pretty good painkillers and gave me instructions to avoid beer, but assured me it was ok to drink vodka. Only in Poland!

Right then. Everyone get training hard for your photo session!

I'll be in touch.